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The Program of Executive Management of Business Administration (EMBA) was established in 2003 with a master program for people working in industries.



Goals and Characteristics

Our goal in offering an Executive Master of Business Administration is related to the competitive trends in globalization and is part of an overarching national development plan.  As such, we seek to groom students from diverse backgrounds and supply them with the technical skills and knowledge of management they’ll need to survive, as well as the global outlook and ingenuity they’ll need in order to succeed.

Our EMBA is not just a string of letters on a diploma; here you will be challenged to develop within your own field of interest and benefit from your interactions with classmates and professors.



Faculty and Specialty

The EMBA program draws on the resources of the entire College of Management, and therefore has at its disposal the diverse talents of over 80 professors. With areas of expertise ranging from Business Management, Agribusiness Management, Information Management, Financial Accounting and Technology Management, our faculty can certainly help you pursue your specific area of interest.





Education / Specialty


Shu-Chu Liu


Dean, College of Management


• Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University   of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

• Supply chain management, Electronic     commerce, Decision analysis, and     Application of artificial intelligence


ext 7911

Ching-Lung Shen

Associate Professor

Executive Officer of EMBA

• Ph.D., Business Administration, National Taipei University, Taiwan

• Knowledge Management, Strategy  Management, Marketing Management


ext  7682


Course Information

Course Title


Course Title


Research Methods

Tsai Cheng-Fa

Organization Theory and Management

Liu Cheng-Hsiang

Chao Yu-Chieh

Special Topic Seminar on Business Operation and Management(1)、(2)

Liu Shu-Chu


Special Topics on Advanced Cost Management

Hsu Wen-His

Special Topics on Human Resource Management

Lin Cheng-Chen

Special Topics on Intellectual Property

Hsueh Chao-Chih

The Guide to Negotiating Strategies and Tactics for Business

Liaw Shu-Yi

Special topic in information technology and management

Chen Deng-Neng

Research Methodology and Thesis Writing

Hsueh Chao-Chih

Chen Deng-Neng

Chao Yu-Chieh

Shen David-C.L.

Special Topics on Culture and Creation Industry

Lai Sang-Song

Chen Shiu-Tsu

Huang Shu-Fang

Wang Yun

In Search Of Excellence

Huang Yun-Cheng

Seminar on Leisure Agribusiness and Rural Tourism

Tuan Chao-Lin

Case Studies in Food Service and Hotel Industry

Su Yen-Lun

Huang Ching-Hsu

Lai Pei-Chun

Chang Hui-Chen

Liu Min-Hsing

Special Topics on Decision Analysis

Huang Yun-Cheng

Statistical Analysis and Quantitative Methods

Lu Su-Lien

Special Topics on Management of the Small & Middle Size Enterprises

Hsu Wen-His

Strategic Brand Management

Tsai Chan-Wei

Special Topics in Advanced Information Technology Applications

Chen Deng-Neng

Lai Chia-Yu

Special topics on New Strategic Management

Shen David-C.L.

Special Topics on Project Management

Huang Hsiang-Hsi

Special Topics on Entrepreneurial and Innovation Management

Chen Jia-Yi

Special Topics on Advanced Financial Management

Hung Rern-Jay

Chang Alex-K.H.

Service and Operation Management

Liaw Shu-Yi

Special Topics on Non-Profit Organization Management

Huang Yi-Chaio

Special Topic of Global Logistics

Tsai Deng-Maw

Su Tai-Sheng

Special topics on Advanced Strategic Marketing Management

Shen David-C.L.

Chang Hui-Chen

Wang Yun




The department provides a well-established research and teaching environment with computers and related facilities for the purposes of student academic research. Including CM302 Graduate Students Study Room, CM306 Classroom, CM308 Classroom, CM309 Computer Room, CM300 Conference Room, CM217 Audio & Visual Room, CM209 Case Study Room, CM101 Conference Room, and etc.


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