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The Department of Fashion Design and Management, formerly known as Home Economics Section of Agricultural Economics Division of National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture, was founded in 1980. In 1991, when the institute was upgraded to National Pingtung Polytechnic Institute, the department was renamed the Department of Rural Home Economics Technology and Department of Applied Life Science and Technology. Then, in 1997, when the Institute was upgraded to National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, the department was renamed the Department of Applied Life Sciences. Later, in the 2001 academic year, The Department of Apparel became an independent department, and began to recruit students for a four-year program. In response to the modern trend of social development, to cultivate multi-capability of the students, and to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, the department was renamed to Fashion Design and Management in the 2009 academic year. Moreover, beginning in academic year 2010, the department began to recruit students for the masters program.



Goals and Characteristics

The department develops plans and implementation to meet the needs of the industry and future development of the society. The core curriculum emphasizes two major areas including fashion design and fashion management. The goal is to cultivate professionals in fashion design and fashion management. As future fashion design and fashion management professionals, students are encouraged to apply the diversity of the local culture and the concept of international fashion design and fashion management to the technology operations and the improvement of quality. The results of the scientific research studies and the technology can complement each other. The department aims to implement ability-based education system so that students can fully flourish in the popular industry and become high-quality talents who can enhance the development of the domestic fashion industry as well as the international arena.

1. To promote the local ethnic culture and enhance creative aesthetics in fashion.

2. To combine the resources of local industry to expand fashion design and the research and development of management that can be recognized and communicated internationally.

3. To regularly organize international and local exhibition of teachers and students' fashion creativity and design.

4. To cooperate with the creative industries and set up a southern Taiwan fashion design services or a design management research and development center.

5. To formulate a future development direction in accordance with government policies.


Faculty and Specialty

In the Department, there are seven full-time teachers with expertise, including two professors, three associate professors, one associate professor rank specialist and one assistant professors.





Education / Specialty


Hsueh-Chin Ko

Associate Professor 

/ Chairman

• Ph.D., Textile Environment ,Bunka Women's University , Tokyo, JAPAN

• Fashion Illustration, Clothing Construction, Fashion Design , Color , Fashion Merchandising, Draping, Fashion trend analysis, Pose and Etiquette, Human Engineering , Fashion Clothing Materials


ext 7112

Sang-Song Lai


• Ph.D., Textiles Engineering, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

• Textiles Materials, Clothing Design, Textiles  Management, Neuro Fuzzy Applications,  Indigenous Clothing


ext 7103

Hsiu-Ju Hsu


• Ph.D., Oregon State University, U.S.A

• Fashion Marketing, Consumer Behavior,  Research Method, Fashion Merchandising,  Fashion Design, Cross-cultural Comparison of  Fashion Consumer Behavior, Study of Cultural  Creation Design


ext 7332

Yun Wang

Associate Professor

• Ph.D., Philosophy in Merchandising, Florida State University, U.S.A

• Fashion Merchandising, Promotion of Fashion Merchandises, Marketing Information System, Buying, Textiles and Fashion Industry Analysis, Social Psychology of Clothing, and Service Marketing


ext 7543

Hsiu-Tsu Chen

Associate Professor   Rank Specialist

/Section Chief of Employment Services Division, Career Development

•Doctoral student, Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

• Fashion History Design of make-up, Overall Shape Design, Hair fiber arts, Skin Care and Beauty Therapy


ext 7540, 7706

Wei-Chen Chen Assistant Professor

• Ph.D., Iowa State University, U.S.A.

• Clothing Construction, Pattern Making, History of Fashion, Garment Draping, Fashion Apparel Market Research, Study of Elder People Clothing Consumption Behavior


ext 7339

Shu-Fang Huang

Assistant Professor

• Ph.D., University of the Arts London, UK

• Interdisciplinary Art Studies, Video Arts Studies, Contemporary Fiber Arts, Fiber/ Fashion Design


ext 7542



In the Department, including Standard laboratory, Fabric Design Studio, Fashion Design Studio, Clothing Construction Studio, Overall Modeling Studio, Makeup & Hair Styling Studio, Fabric science laboratory, Computer-Aided Design Studio, Fast Fashion Industry Management Studio etc.



Job Opportunity

1. Fashion design professionals: fabric design planners, fashion designers, jewelry designers, overall stylists, image and style consultants, apparel fit technicians, fashion analysts, living industry designers.

2. Fashion marketing professionals: fashion show planners, display planners, apparel market researchers, marketing representatives, apparel merchandising planners, brand managers.



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