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Graduate Institute of Landscape Architecture and Recreation Management


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The Graduate Institute of Landscape Architecture and Recreation Management, formally the Graduate Institute of Rural Planning and Landscaping was established after the closing of the Department of Rural Planning in the restructuring of College of Management in 2005.




Goals and Characteristics

Landscape architecture and recreation management are the two major teaching and research directions for this institute. The courses of landscape architecture offered by this institute are mainly for training students with the capability of integrating the natural and human-cultural landscape resources to create the superior living environment, providing the smooth and enjoyable recreational spaces for tourists forincubatingstudents into superior specialist in landscape planning and design. Courses of recreation management that offered are to research the recreational and leisure behaviors and activities of the tourist and to understand the developmental trends of leisure and recreation industry to cultivate students to become the superior specialists in recreation marketing and management.The educational objective of this institute is toincubate students to become the superior specialists in landscape planning and design or recreation marketing and management.



Faculty and Specialty

Currently, there are 12 doctorial faculty members including full-time and adjunct ones. In which, there are 6 Professors, 2 Associate Professor, 4 Assistant Professors. Besides, a total of 5 specialized and experienced adjunct professors are hired to assist the teaching assignment.




Education / Specialty


kai-An Lo

Associate Professor 

/ Chairman

(intra-school joint      appointment)

• Ph.D., Forest Institute,National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

• Forest Policy, Forest Economics, Ecotourism, Leisure and Recreation


ext 7145

Guan-Guay Mao Professor

•Ph. D., Department of Land Economics, National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan

• Land laws and regulations, Urban planning, Laws and regulations of rural planning, Economics, Rural planning, Land use planning


ext 6265,6501

April Hueimin Lu


/ Director, Historical Buildings Research Center

• Ph.D., Department of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

• Architecture design, Environment planning and design, Leisure agriculture, Cultural resources, community planning, Landscape architecture


ext 6266,5460

Chou-Ping Yang Assistant Professor

•  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

 Water Environment and Landscape Ecology, Water Pollution Control and River Basin Management, Low Impact Development(LID), Application of GIS to Landscape and Recreation, Hydrodynamic and water quality simulation, Water Resources Engineering, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)


ext 6276

Ying-Yi Wang
Assistant Professor

•  Ph.D., Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

•  Applications of artificial intelligence, Reservoir water quality simulation and management, Biological Fluid Mechanics


ext 6278

Wan-Yu Chou

Assistant Professor

•  Ph.D., Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

•  Landscape architecture, Placemaking, Landscape health benefits, Landscape perception, Healing environment


ext 6503

Chao-Lin Tuan

Professor          Vice President for Administrative Affairs

(intra-school joint      appointment)

• Ph.D., Agricultural Extension, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

 Leisure Agriculture, Planning and Management of Leisure Farm, Rural Tourism, Leisure Agriculture in Mainland China


ext 7808,6550

Chaur-Tzuhn Chen


(intra-school joint  appointment)       

• Ph.D., Forest Institute,National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

• Forest Resource Management, Geographic Information System, Resources Remote Sensing,Forest Ecology


ext 7147

Fang-Ming Lin


(intra-school joint   appointment)

• Ph.D., Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Architecture and Interior Design, Application Technique of Green Building Materials, Room Acoustics Design


ext 7139

Yi-Lung Yeh


(intra-school joint  appointment)

• Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

• Environmental Change and Risk Assessment, Disaster Management, Grey Theory, Thunderhead PetraSim, Agricultural Water Management


ext 7202

Fung-Shien Tu

Associate Professor

(intra-school joint  appointment)

 Ph.D.,Interdisciplinary Studies for Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

• History, Humanity Research, The History and Culture of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, Pingtung Research


ext 7255



• Teaching Facilities

 Specialized Classroom
 Drawing room
 Recreation Management and Urban and Rural Development Classroom
 Architecture and Landscape Classroom
 Geographic Information System Classroom
 Landscape and Recreation Environment Planning Classroom

• Teaching Equipments


Personal computers, Servers, e-desk, Interactive screen, Projectors, Digital cameras, 
Scanner, Video cameras, Drawing desks, Slide projectors, Video editors, Drawing 
copier, Printers, Plotters, Copier, Measuring equipments, Gardening equipments, 
Drawing collectors, etc.


Software: Land CAD, AutoCAD, Statistical Package, Globe GPS, GIS, Spatial analysis package, etc.



Job Opportunity


 1. Government’s position:

  The landscape planning, sightseeing, and tourism management related divisions in the government agencies.

 2. Industry position:

  The landscape planning and design companies, sightseeing and tourism planning and consulting companies,

  engineering planning and consulting companies, recreational development companies, and sightseeing and

  travelling industries.

 3. Education position:

  Teachers and faculty members in the schools/universities.

 4. Others: Planner and managerof the third sector or local community development associations.


Advanced study

For advanced studies in Doctorial Program at domestic and international universities in the related fields of landscape, horticulture, tourism and leisure management, forestry  recreation, urban planning, rural development, city and regional planning, park and recreational resources, agricultural extension, environmental planning, tropical agriculture and other related fields.
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