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This department was established in 1994 admitting full time two-year technical college students.  The year 2000 saw the addition of a full time four year program, a master’s program and a research institute were established in 2001.  The current classes open for enrollment: 2 classes in the full time 4 year technical college program, 1 class in the continuing education department, 1 postgraduate class.  The long term development of this department adheres to the requirements of fostering professional managerial talent for industrial and government organizations in Taiwan.  In addition, this department enhances the standard of business management research in southern Taiwan. 



Goals and Characteristics

From 1994 until today, this department has been committed to cultivating the building of students’ academic theory and practical industrial experience to prepare students with the knowledge and abilities they will need in the workplace. 

The trend towards globalization has caused the contemporary management environment to face major challenges such as: (1) fierce global business competition (2) the impact of the great leap forward in information technologies (3) the introduction of innovative concepts.  In order to surmount the preceding 3 challenges, cultivate students’ competitive advantage, and meet the educational goals of this university and school of management, while considering resource conditions such as the geographical and environmental characteristics of this institution, this department focuses on cultivating SME development and transformational needs (especially local businesses in the greater Kaohisung-Pingtung region) and 3I talent in both humanities and workplace ethics: International Vision, Information, and Innovation.



Faculty and Specialty

There are currently 13 full-time academic staff at our department. Our teaching staff not only have professional knowledge, a big portoin of them also have industry practice experiences. We are striving to recruit more professional staff in the future.  





Education / Specialty


Wen-Hsi Lydia Hsu

Associate Professor 

/ Chairman

/ Section Chief of Teaching Research Division, Computer Center

• Ph.D., Accounting Lincoln University ,New Zealand

• Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance, Cost  Accounting, Managerial Accounting,  Financial  Statement Analysi


ext 7698,6145

Alex Kung-Hsiung Chang


/Director of Yunus Social Business Centre

• Ph.D., National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

• Finance, Investment, Investment Psychology, Game  Theory, Recreation Industry Management


ext 7688

Cheng-Chen Lin


• Ph.D., Management, National Sun-Yet Sen  University, Taiwan

• Human Resource management, Oraganizational  Behavior, Research Method


ext 7687


Shu-Yi Liaw


 / Director of Computer Center

• Ph.D., Industrial Management, National Cheng  Kung University, Taiwan

• Electronic Commerce, Internet Marketing, Service  Marketing, Industry Analysis


ext 7693,6140


Fong-Yi Lai


• Ph.D.,  School of Marketing and  Management, Griffith University, Australia

• Service emotion, Sport Marketing and    Management, Event Management, Culture and  Consumption


ext 7692

Tien-Sheng Chang Professor

• Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering ,University of Maryland (UMCP) , U.S.A.

• Creative methods and innovative management, product development management, production system planning


ext 7661

Shyang-Lin Lee Associate Professor

• Ph. D., Industrial Engineering, University of lowa, U.S.A.

• Robotics, automated production systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems, fuzzy theory, business programming language


ext 7664


Daniel Chan-Wei Tsai

Associate Professor

/ Vice President for Career Development

• Ph.D., Nagaoya University, Japan

• Strategic Management, Organization Theory, Brand  Strategy


ext 7697,7490

Chia-Yi Chen

Associate Professor

• Ph.D., Department of Management Science,  National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

• Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior,  International Marketing, Innovation Management


ext 7696

Yu-Chieh Chao

Associate Professor

  / Director of Curriculum Section, Academic Affairs

• Ph.D., Department of International Business MBA,  National Taiwan University , Taiwan

• Strategic Management, International Business  Administration, Industry and Competitive Analysis,  Organization Theory, Mergers & Acquisitions and  Strategic Alliances


ext 7699,6016

Chao-Chih Hsueh Associate Professor

• Ph.D., Business Administration, National Central University, Taiwan

• Intellectual property management, technology transfer, performance evaluation, patent analysis


ext 7945

Su-Hui Kuo

Assistant Professor

  / Director of Industry-Academia Cooperation Center, Office of Research and Development

• Ph.D., Business Administration, National Central University, Taiwan

• Consumer Behavior and Psychology、Marketing Management、Sensory Marketing、Digital Marketing


ext 7686


Research and Extension

The faculty members and students of the department have conducted a number of academic and practical research projects, research areas including consumer behavior, organizational behavior, service marketing and management, production and quality management, finance, and operational information. The faculty members of the department have continuously received several national level research grants as well as industry corporation research grants. Results of the research projects have been recognized by several academic awards and competitions.

In terms of extension services, a number of on-campus credit courses are offered by demand. We also provide tailor made specialty consultations and training courses for specific corporation needs. The department endeavor to integrate and organize its resources to provide comprehensive services for private and public sectors.



The department’s courses mostly take place at purpose-built e-classrooms.  Each e-classroom is equipped with e-podium, projector, computer, and wireless internet. Including General Classroom, Marketing Planning Room, Industrial corporation Room, Finance & Corporate Governance Room, Case Study Room and Research Method Room ,and etc.


Job Opportunity

The majority of our graduates work in management-related positions, primarily in high tech, logistic and financial industries.  We have implemented a systematic approach on students’ career counseling, which includes the following:

• A close partnership with local firms to ensure academic theories and real-world practices are well linked. Assisting students obtain certified professional licenses to increase advantage in job market.

• The BA Alumni website is established to encourage communications between our students and alumni.

• Employement-related courses and lectures are offered, such as business etiquette, job hunting skills, pre-job training, resume writing, make-up and styling, interview skills. Job fair or job-match meeting with  prospective employers on campus are occassionally arranged. 



• Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering ,University of Maryland (UMCP) , U.S.A.

• Creative methods and innovative management, product development management, production system planning


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