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The Department of Agribusiness Management was established in 1975 as Department of Agricultural Economics, National Pingtung Agricultural College. This department has the longest history in the College of Management.
The department and institution changed names several times before attaining the current name, Department of Agribusiness Management, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), in 1998. This department is affiliated to the College of Management. Currently, the department offers four-year B.S. program, M.S. program, joint dual-degree M.S. program with University of Brawijaya in Indonesia. 


Goals and Characteristics
The goal of this department is a professional education of agribusiness managers with professionalism, humanity, and creation. Through the farms and farmers’ organizations, leisure agriculture, marketing and international trade of agricultural products as the core competencies, the international cooperation and industry-education cooperation are adopted as the strategies to pursue the development goals of professionalism, humanity, and creation on the four-year B.S. program, M.S. program, and joint dual-degree M.S. program.


Faculty and Specialty

Nine full-time faculty members in the department, Nine within all with doctorate degrees, comprise of five professors, one associate professor and three assistant professors. These faculty members’ specialties are on economics, agricultural economy, agricultural extension, business administration, and agriculture.





Education / Specialty


Chao-Lin Tuan

Distinguished Professor 

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

• Ph.D., Agricultural Extension, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

 Leisure Agriculture, Planning and Management of Leisure Farm, Rural Tourism, Leisure Agriculture in Mainland China


ext 7808,6550

Ke-Chung Peng

Professor           / Vice President for Continuing and Extension Education

• Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

• Management of Farmers’ Organization, Agribusiness Decision Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Statistics, Statistical Methods and Data Analysis


ext 7825,7320

Wen-Chi Huang



Chairman of International Master’s Degree Program in Agribusiness Management

• Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, The Pennsylvania State UniversityU.S.A.

• Transnational Agribusiness, Global Economic Organizations and Management, Taiwan Agricultural Development and Policy, Rural Sociology, Agribusiness Research Methods, Econometrics, Statistics, Agribusiness Management Information Systems


ext 7824

Shwu-En Chen


• Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.

• Strategic Management of Agribusiness, Supply Chain Management, Fresh-Product Logistics Management, Marketing Management, Agribusiness Law, Business Law, Calculus


ext 7813



Chiu-Kuei Cheng Professor

• Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

• Agribusiness Quality Certification, Farm Business Management, Food Business Management, Industrial Organization, Economics, Multivariate Analysis, Agribusiness Research Methods


ext 7815

Yessica C.Y. Chung Associate Professor

• Ph.D., Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

• Agricultural Cooperatives Management, Agribusiness Organization Management, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Multivariate Analysis, Business Software Applications


ext 7811

Ching-Yuan Tsay

Assistant Professor

• Ph.D., Botany, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

• Production and Operation Management of Agribusiness, Management of Agricultural Input Sector, Agricultural Biotechnology Industry, Complex Agriculture


ext 7823

Chun-Nan Lin

Assistant Professor  

/ Section Chief of Continuing and Extension Education

• Ph.D., Tropical Agriculture and        International Cooperation, National  Pingtung University of Science and  Technology, Taiwan

• Economics, Management, Introduction to  Agriculture,Agribusiness Organization  Management, Leisure  Agriculture,  Agricultural Products  Marketing


ext 7835,7321

Chao-Chin Huang Assistant Professor

• Ph.D.,Institute of International Management, National Cheng Kung University , Taiwan

• Marketing Management, Service Marketing, Brand Management, Relationship Marketing, Strategic Management, Agribusiness


ext 7948


Research and Extension

The faculty members and students of the department have conducted a number of studies on production and marketing analysis of agricultural products, management of farmers’ organizations, rural development, leisure agriculture, international trade, international cooperation, and financial management. The research is emphasized on the core subjects of the department, farms and farmers’ organizations, leisure agriculture, and marketing and international trade of agricultural products.

In terms of extension services, a number of agribusiness management workshops and conferences are held each year in addition to providing consulting service to the agribusiness proprietors. Committee of Industry-education Cooperation and Internship Program, International Cooperation Committee, and Committee of Agribusiness Academic Cooperation of Taiwan and China were organized in the department to integrate the resources of private and public sectors to provide comprehensive services.



A huge collection of agribusiness-related books, including more than seven thousand volumes in Chinese titles, more than three volumes in English titles, some 200 Chinese journals, and almost one hundred foreign language journals, are housed in the university’s main library.

The labs of farms and farmers’ organizations, leisure agriculture, and marketing and international trade of agricultural products are furnished for the core disciplines of the department. Besides 26 computers in the lab of farms and farmers’ organizations for instruction and graduate students, three labs, four general classrooms, and one reading room of the department are equipped with multimedia hardware and software. The software include SPSS, Amos, LISREL, STATISTICA, Eviews, SHAZAM, Frontier Analyst, LIMDEP, S-PLUS, STELLA, TreeAge Pro, QRCODE system, Expert Choice, TQC serial systems, FLASH, Photo Shop, and et al.


Job Opportunity

The graduates of the department will be mainly employed in farms, farmers’ organizations, leisure agriculture, enterprise of marketing and international trade of agricultural products, agricultural administration. According the survey of the students graduated during 2009-2012, more than half of them were working in agribusiness, marketing service, and government institutions. In general, the competence of graduates with program fulfillment easily meets the needs of jobs.



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